Case:EVOC M90 edge computing platform, Born in the lead for AIoT

Case Background:

With the rapid development of the Internet of things and artificial intelligence, the data volume of edge device has increased exponentially, which has brought great challenge to the data processing of cloud computing. The emergence of edge computing has greatly eased the data processing pressure of cloud computing. Recently, EVOC came up with the new solution, M90, a high-performance embedded AI edge computing platform, specifically designed for artificial intelligence and edge computing. It possesses the capacity of 4-8 TOPS deduction computing, and supports the 8th/9th generation Intel® Core™ processors, significantly improved the processor performance by up to 50%.

EVOC M90 can mainly be applied in smart systems, such as intelligent inspection, industrial control, detection and environmental monitoring, also the control and behavior analysis, machine vision, and assisted driving, etc.

Project Overview:

At present, only to move the boarding bridge to plane manually can passenger finish alighting and boarding. When the aircraft is parked, the manual towed bridge need move to dock with the aircraft door, which is time-consuming and inefficient. And sometimes because of the certain factor, like weather, scheduling, or labor, all may affect the docking of the bridge, which could directly cause the flight delay.

So is there a way to replace this manual operation with machines? The answer is yes. EVOC M90, high-performance embedded AI edge computing platform, can support to perform image recognition, analysis, and positioning, so as to achieve the goal of intelligent positioning and automatic control.When M90 is applied to the aircraft boarding bridge system, we only need to operate the software running with its unique AI algorithm. Then the bridge will realize automatic and intelligent towing, implementing precise docking, and the whole process will be faster and more accurate. It can not only avoid the impact from human caused error, but also it can save a lot of time and reduce departure delay, so as to maintain an efficient flow of the planes in the airport.

Project Result:

It realized the aircraft boarding bridge docking with cabin door automatically and precisely, greatly improved the circulation rate of airplane parking space, and satisfied the passenger of good experience, even saved integrator development cost to maximize profit.

EVOC has carried out artificial intelligence and deep learning research many years ago. In future, we will continue to invest in research and introduce more intelligent solution and smart device to boost the continuous development of world's industrial automation, intelligence, and informatization with our EVOC strength!

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