Rugged Notebook

A rugged laptop has been designed from the ground up with one overall purpose in mind: to be able to function anywhere, even in outdoor, dusty, or extreme weather conditions. Each component is carefully weatherproofed and sealed to prevent salt, sand, moisture, or other environmental hazards from affecting it. The screens are specially designed to reduce glare, making it possible to use the laptop outdoors and in bright sunlight. These laptops can typically withstand freezing temperatures and heat up to 55 degrees celsius. They are ideally suited for anybody who is likely to need a computer outside and in an extreme working environment.

Rugged Laptop

Rugged laptops are engineered to endure the roughest lifestyles and situations. They are made to handle all sorts of drops, shocks, and extreme temperatures. These powerful tools are solidly built to protect against the toughest environments and circumstances.

EVOC provide 13.3" and 15.6" magenesium-alloy structure rugged laptops with rich I/O, flexible expansion and reliable protection.

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