Self Diagnosis

  • +Technical Self Diagnosis

    Q: When I turn on the power and touch the chassis, I feel like I have an electric shock.

    A: Power supply is not properly grounded.

    Q: CPU frequency is different from the actual frequency.
    A: CPU frequency setting in BIOS is incorrect.

    Q: CPU fan stops working shortly after the power is turned on.
    A: Circuit overload, and the power is turned off automatically. Please remove non-critical loads or change to a stronger power supply.

    Q: CD-ROM drive can't be found when installing OS/2.
    A: The CD-ROM drive and hard disk drive should be connected to the same IDE when installing, with hard disk drive as the master disk and CD-ROM drive as the slave one.

    Q: Why my LCD does not work in the power management mode?
    A: BIOS will automatically turn off LCD backlight in this mode.

    Q: Why can' t I install the LAN under WinNT4.0 operating system?
    A: The LAN driver can be installed after you have successfully installed WinNT4.0 and the WinNT4.0 Service Pack.
    Circuit overload, and the power is turned off automatically. Please remove non-critical loads or change to a stronger power supply.

    Q: Why is the HDD limited to 2GB in DOS mode??
    A: Because DOS only supports FAT16 mode that supports hard disks up to a maximum of 2GB. To use a hard disk with larger capacity, FAT32 or NTFS format must be used.
    Operating systems and their supported FAT sizes are listed as below:
    DOS 6.22: FAT16
    Windows 95: FAT16
    Windows 95 ORS: FAT16, FAT32
    Windows 98 : FAT16, FAT32
    Windows NT 4.0 : FAT16, NTFS
    Windows 2000 : FAT16, FAT32, NTFS
    Windows XP : FAT16, FAT32, NTFS

    Q: How to connect AT power supply?
    A: AT connection approach: White, Black, Blue, Brown. Don’t connect white and black on the same side (vertically).

    Q: What' s the difference between reset mode and interrupt mode of watchdog?
    A: Reset ---- Generate reset signal and system reboot.
    Interrupt ---- Generate interrupt. As to which IRQ is generated, it depends on your configuration.

    Q: How to install ISA sound card correctly under WIN NT4.0?
    Windows NT 4.0 does not support PNP, so installing old sound card drivers doesn’t work. Please find a pnpisa.mi file in the WIN NT4.0 CD (Note: For PC, you should search it in the corresponding X86 or I386 folder), right click the mouse and select installation. Then reboot the system and install the newest Win NT 4.0 sound card driver.

    Q: The computer is hanging after refreshing BIOS. What can I do?
    A: 1) Use a working BIOS chip to boot computer.
        2) Use Boot Block to restore BIOS chip.

    Q: After the computer boots up, I hear a continuous beeping sound.
    A: Re-inserting memory usually can solve the problem.

    Q: Does EVOC industrial PC support WIN CE?
    A: Yes, most models support WIN CE. In case it does not support, you can ask EVOC for customization.

    Q: What is SSD?
    A: SSD refers to Solid State Disk, a solid-state disk or drive (SSD), also called a flash drive. Though the architecture of an SSD does not employ disks at all, the name is carried over from standard hard disks. Actually, an SSD utilizes a special kind of memory chip with erasable, writable cells that can hold data even when powered off. It might help to think of an SSD as the larger cousin of the memory stick.

    Q: Why do we use SSD?
    A: Compared with the traditional hard disk, SSD takes the advantage of fast data access, long life MTBF and high reliability. It makes your data access efficient and reduces the risk of data loss.

    Q: What is PICMG?
    A: PICMG means PCI Industrial Computer Manufacturers Group. PICMG is a consortium of over 450 companies that collaboratively develop open specifications for high performance telecommunications and industrial computing applications. PICMG's purpose is to offer equipment vendors common specifications, thereby increasing availability and reducing cost and time-to-market.

    Q: Why is my CPU temperature detector not as accurate as that for real temperature?

    A: In fact, the detector detects the external CPU temperature, not the internal temperature. That is why the detected temperature is not that accurate.

    Q: When I plug an external display card in IPC-68IIVDF, why does it not work?
    A: The default setting in IPC-68IIVDF BIOS for Init Display First item is AGP. You should change the setting factor from AGP to PCI slot.

    Q: Why does the CPU slot card sometimes loose CMOS information?
    A: The connection of JCC1 jumper is not good and the jumper cap should be changed.

  • +Product Self Diagnosis
    Q: My full-size slot CPU (FSC-1713VAN) sometimes does not work.
    A: Perhaps you are using AT power supply, which needs to discharge the CMOS. Resetting or changing to ATX power supply may be of help.

    Q: Problem occurs when using 1GB memory with FSC-1713.
    A: Some clients complain that when they apply two pieces of 512 memory in FSC-1713, the system goes unstable. They doubt whether the motherboard could support 1GB memory.
    We guarantee: This motherboard can support 1GB memory. However, in case you are applying two pieces of 512MB memory, please set the following in BIOS (CMOS):
    In the setup screen of Advanced chipset, set Internal Graphic Mode Select as 8MB and AGP Aperture Size as 128MB.

    Q: How to use PS/2 touch screen in EC3-1547CLDNA (B)?
    A: Install the correct driver for touch screen in the system. Only in this way can the touch screen work normally.

    Q: FSC-1713VNA works well. But after being unplugged once, it has no POST sound at boot up (C4 2.0 CPU). Even with P4 2.4B power supply, it still can not boot (300W ATX power supply). How to solve the problem?
    A: 1) Check whether the power supply works normally, the +-5V, +-12V on the backplane is lighted up, or the CPU fan rotates.
        2) Clear CMOS by jumper.
        3) Re-unplug and plug for hardware test.

    Q: The EC5-1651 motherboard has a PCI expansion interface. I expand one external video card (demanded by project development). My operating system is WinCE. Could I use the video card driver that comes with PB 4.2?
    A: Yes, you may try the VGA Linear (Flat) Framebuffer video driver (Generally it works), or ask for Win CE driver from the video card supplier.

    Q: Why can’t Windows 95 be installed in FSC-1711VN?
    A: Before you install Windows 95, the item of L1 Cache of the Advanced CMOS setup in BIOS should be enabled.