Industrial Computers

An industrial computer is a computing platform that has been ruggedized for specific industrial applications that must function in sometimes harsh environments. Its computing capabilities are generally similar to an equivalent commercial PC in terms of storage, processing and communications. However, industrial computers are often designed to use less power, offer greater reliability, expandability and a significantly longer service life than commercial systems.

EPE/EPI CPU card/Backplane

Embedded accessories kit includes passive backplane, riser card/port, and industrial standard power supply, so that full size\half size cards and single boards can be assembled to form a complete industrial PC system. The products are compliant with PICMG1.0 or PICMG1.3 specification. Ranging from five-slot to 13-slot for expansion, the passive backplanes can fully meet the expansion requirements of different users. The industrial standard power supply with high load rate provides reliable power support for long-time faultless operation of the PC.

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