Applied PC Platforms

Special application PC are also belong to industrial PC but are designed to be especially efficient in a certain class of applications.

EVOC applied PC platforms include rugged rack computer, rugged rack server, computer for substation and computer for rail transportation. They are all tested to meet application standards.

Power Automation

EVOC applied computing products, as a supplement to generic product lines, are industrial grade products developed based on the actual needs of specific industries. For example, box PCs for subway and those for electric power industry have special performance designed for their special application environments.

For grid and substation automation, EVOC has developed rack mounted fanless box PCs used with data gateway and computing platform devices. The SPC series feature a fanless design. It can be integrated with a wide variety of computing platforms and enhance the effectiveness of power transmission and substation automation. The rear I/O connection , simplify the monitoring status for operation. The SPC series not only improve interoperability and interconnectivity, also provide highly reliable functionality to meet the harsh and critical requirements of grid automation and power substation automation.

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