Network Appliance

Evoc offers a wide range of network appliances for applications such as vCPE, SD-WAN, VPN gateways and load balancers. For network security, our network platforms are deployed in UTM appliances IPS/IDS devices, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Mobile Security Gateways among others.

Industrial Server

Industrial servers are ideally suitable for industrial applications and their network environments. Compared with traditional industrial PC, industrial servers have higher processing capability, faster transmission speed, greater function expansibility, better security, higher reliability and manageability.

With special designs in environmental adaptability, installation, integration and function, EVOC industrial servers can be widely used in distributed control, security monitoring, intelligent traffic, energy, network communication, etc. In these fields, as an important link in the network, high-end industrial grade servers store and process 80% of the data and information on the network.

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