New arrival! EVOC’s New Launched Industrial Display!

EVOC’s Industrial Display Series

Intelligent HMI Terminal

D15C, D17C, D19C, D21C

New product with powerful performance

IP65 Front Panel

EVOC “D” Series Intelligent HMI Terminal

Front panel be made of aluminum alloy

Protection level reaches IP65

Amazing waterproof and dustproof performance!

Multiple Interface

EVOC “D” Series Intelligent HMI Terminal

Support VGA, HDMI, DVI three type of display input

Meanwhile, the display interface can be reinforced and fixed

Greatly protect the stability of the transmission process

Low Power, High Performance

EVOC “D” Series Intelligent HMI Terminal

With lower power consumption and higher performance

Continuously lead the industry with EVOC quality.

Design With More Stability

EVOC “D” Series Intelligent HMI Terminal

The whole machine adopts fanless and fully sealed design

While realizing the simple structure

With more dustproof, heatsink, vibration resistance and other performance

It can also meet the application in harsh environment.

EVOC D-Series Intelligent HMI Terminal

Support a variety of display size options

Same size, support resistive/capacitive touch screen by optional