Step up intelligent manufacturing, this industrial tablet is "really awesome"!

EVOC P15C/R-B series debut

Show the king style of industrial tablet

Step up intelligent manufacturing with technical advantages

Meet the application needs of multiple scenarios in smart factory

Powerful configuration, strong by "core". EVOC P15C/R-B full series TDP≤65W, achieve higher performance, lower power consumption, easily meet the requirements of 7*24 hours efficient and smooth operation.

EVOC P15C/R-B series machine has a fully enclosed fanless structure design, which is highly dust-proof, super waterproof, with excellent sealing, dust-proof, heat dissipation and anti-vibration performance, raising the industry's durability new standard. Industrial "tough guy" is really impressive.

EVOC P15C/R-B series adopts high-brightness LED LCD screen, which is still clear and visible in outdoor and other strong light environments. At the same time, it supports resistive/capacitive screen optional. Capacitive screen is 10-point touch and resistive screen is single-point touch. Even if both hands are wearing gloves, covered with oil, water, etc., you can easily touch screen to operate for truly high sensitivity and fast response.

The product is aimed at high-end MES, integrated monitoring, equipment control and other fields. In complex and diverse environments, users can flexibly choose the installation method, easily create various space scenarios, and realize intelligent manufacturing and automation upgrade for more industries.