Reveal EVOC’s Strong Quality Secret

Industrial PC is a computing device specialized in industrial automation control and data acquisition. Compared with traditional personal PC, industrial PC take more stable, reliable and durable hardware design, which can adapt to a variety of complex and harsh industrial environment.

In the IPC industry, EVOC’s quality always been synonymous with reliability and stability, and has been highly recognized by customer and the market. We will reveal the EVOC’s quality secrets from below three aspects.

Innovation: Three national technology innovation platforms

EVOC owned three national technology innovation platforms, including National Special Computer Engineering Technology Research Center, National Local Joint Engineering Laboratory and National Enterprise Technology Center.

Through continuous innovation, the company's product and technology are promoted to reach the international advanced level and become the benchmark of the domestic industry.

Quality Assurance: The industry's most complete laboratory system

EVOC has built the industry's leading laboratory equipment and facilities, including 33 laboratories, such as safety certificate laboratory, special computer high-availability technology laboratory, special computer compatibility and performance evaluation and testing laboratory, industrial control network technology laboratory, CAE laboratory, environmental laboratory, salt spray laboratory, signal integrity laboratory, xenon lamp illumination laboratory, sand and dust laboratory, failure analysis laboratory and so on.

EVOC’s products must undergo thousands of refinements before they can be handed over to customers with confidence.

System Support: Industry's unique reliability management system

EVOC in the production and management activities, attaches great importance to the role of information technology systems to ensure quality management. It has set up a fully integrated informatization system with product life cycle management, enterprise resource planning management, customer relationship management and customer management system as the core to ensure the reliability of the products.

Innovation, system support, quality assurance! EVOC products must be the best!