2017 EVOC Group Funny sport games-Parkour EOVC Successful Completion


October 17, 2017 fun games hold at EVOC valley. The interesting gamestheme of "Parkour EVOC GO GO GO", aims to promote company culture andenhance team communication and cooperation, improve enterprise cohesion, makethe company full of vigor and vitality, promote the staff's physical and mentalhealth, increase staff belonging.The games a total of 10 teams, more than 800people, set up seven big fun sports: No One Left Behind, Passion flash,crazy passion clingy worm, speed ladder, dragon world, borrow wooden boat, tugof war.

Standard-bearer of the flag


No One Left Behind 



 Passion Flash


crazy passion clingy worm


Speed Ladder

Dragon World 



borrow wooden boat


tug of war 




 The FirstTeam