Congratulations! EVOC 2023 Distributor Conference Ended Perfectly!

EVOC held 2023 core distributor conference in shenzhen from Aug 2nd~3rd. EVOC’s distributors from all over the country gathered together, focused on the economic environment opportunities, market management, product innovation and development, etc., to condense consensus, strengthen confidence, and draw a win-win bright future!


Gathering Together To Win the Future


Xiangyang Chen, the General Manager of EVOC Intelligent, began by warmly welcoming the distributors who came from all over the country. In his opening speech, he summarized and shared the achievements of the last year, and made key deployments for the strategic planning of the fiscal year of 2023-2024.

He also mentioned, “In the new fiscal year, EVOC Intelligent will make comprehensive efforts in distribution business, technical support, brand influence, etc., giving dealers all-round support. As long as we work hard together, we will surely realize a win-win situation in the future!”


Working Together For Changes

EVOC’s marketing director Wei Chi reviewed and reported the past year's achievements and shortcomings with all distributors as the theme “change”.

Standing at the new starting, Wei Chi interpreted the current market hot issues and trends, he said “facing the changes in the market environment and new industries, new areas of the outbreak, we have to open a new sight in the changes. EVOC will increase the intensity and continuity of the sales policy to strengthen the depth of support, to strengthen the support for major projects, enhance the practicality of training, and partnership to join hands to move forward.


New Policy To Escort the Ship

As for the new channel policy in 2023, EVOC’s channel manager Feixue Liu made a detailed presentation at the conference. Including channel system, product, price, service and other multi-dimensional support promises, it’s like a “cardiotonic” injection for distributors and partners, greatly boosted everyone's confidence in the future. Sprint 2023 with practical work, EVOC is ready to work with distribute partners to grasp the opportunities, mutual benefits and achieve win-win relationship.


New Product Delivery Continuous Leadership

Product-oriented, EVOC's complete product system and leading product quality give distributors the greatest confidence and guarantee. In the conference, EVOC’s Product Director Qikun Yuan carried out the introduction and shared intelligent manufacturing products, domestic and network security products, to help the core distributors understand EVOC's new products and new technologies.

Professional Training Empowerment


In order to help distributors accurately improve their professional ability, EVOC’s Pre-sales Manager Wei Cao brought the latest interpretation of the industry development at the scene, and make pre-sales selection with professional training. From the solution preaching, to the system demonstration, then to the capture of customer demand, he used practical cases one by one, vividly introduced the main points and skills, so that dealers get benefit and tech lessons greatly!


Anchoring Excellence And Honoring Motivation

Strategy leads the direction, honor inspires the moving. In the past year, many excellent distributor representatives who are brave to develop and innovate emerged all over the country. In order to appreciate their support, this conference give them the Best Performance Growth Award, TOP Dealer Award, and Cooperation Award, grandly recognizing their outstanding contributions to EVOC's business performance, category promotion, brand building and other aspects.


Definite strategic deployment, perfect distributor policy, upgraded product system, so that the distributors doubled confidence! Everyone gathered at the ordering meeting, the order signing value to a new record!


Since 1993, EVOC has been committed to independent R&D and innovatioin, ensure the quality of industrial computer, and further foster the development and innovation of the industrial computer industry. Now, as the world territory of EVOC is expanding day by day, in order to provide customers with better and more timely services, we will start recruiting partners from all over the world from now on.

We invite you to seize the opportunity with us and achieve a win-win-win situation!  By joining our network of distributors, you will benefit from our expertise, resources, and collaborative approach. Together, we can seize opportunities in the industrial computer industry and achieve mutual success.

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