EVOC Joined BTF2023 Shanghai International New Energy Lithium Battery Exhibition

On March 9th, the three-day BTF2023 Shanghai International New Energy Lithium Battery Technology Exhibition officially came to an end. This year's Shanghai Lithium Exhibition attracted more than 516 exhibitors around the world. As a benchmark enterprise in the field of industrial PC, EVOC came with its ace products and advanced technology, and became the undisputed focus of the exhibition!

Highlight 1:Strong joint communication with the world

This year’s exhibition, EVOC and EVOC Regem Marr take the form of joint into the exhibition. Their“wisdom blue”+ “Hermes orange”become the spotlight of the exhibition,the strong union of “industrial PC”and “code reader” brings efficiency and cost reduction for the new lithium energy industry, and showing the elegance of China's intelligent manufacturing, which is highly appreciated by domestic and overseas customers.

Highlight 2:Ace products in the exhibition

The presence of new technologies and products is the biggest highlight of every exhibition. EVOC took four ace products, M60A, M60A-H, MPG-800 and IPC-620H, to make a strong appearance and showcase of EVOC’s strong R&D capability and extensive applications in lithium-ion and other industries. The excellent performance and hard-core quality of the products won the favor of the exhibition site visitors, attracting domestic and overseas customers and partners to visit and inquire those products.

Highlight 3:Brand strength in the exhibition

In addition, EVOC carried out“big brand, strong capability”method till the end of this year's exhibition. The EVOC’s display board showed the strong brand strength and attracted customers incessantly outside the exhibition hall.

2023 Shanghai Lithium Expo ended, but the excitement of EVOC is still going on. In the future, EVOC will focus on the leading innovation drive, promote the new lithium energy industry digitalization and intelligence, with a more forward vision and more perfect products to lead China's intelligent manufacturing accelerated step into the world!