EVOC's New Show: Free choice of chipset, think what you think!

Many people have this experience when they buy anindustrial computer, they choose advanced configuration and find that somefunctions are useless, but if choose basic configuration, the functions are farfrom requirements. How to meet the individual needs of different users?

EVOC is the first to create a new M60A that ispersonalized and versatile, and puts the right to choose in the hands of users,allowing users to feel "my industrial computer, I call the shots!"

Exclusive configuration, freechoice of chipset

M60Aadopts IntelH110/C236 and BayTrail platforms, compatible with 6th -9th gen Intel processors, with PCI, PCIE expansion, flexible andfast I/O customization, localized short-cycle service, flexible increase ordecrease of required interfaces, meet the diverse needs of users demand.

Stylish physical geometric aesthetic design

As the knockout ofthe industrial computer family, the M60A adopts a physical geometric aestheticdesign, the grille incorporates shark fin elements, and the starry blackchassis makes the whole computer full of simplicity and extraordinarytemperament.

Fanless design with good heatdissipation

The fully-sealed fanless box design effectivelyeliminates noise and prevents dust from entering, the unique CPU thermalconductivity design and the fin-type heat dissipation structure combined withaluminum alloy and sheet metal make the whole computer "cool" to theend.