Network Platforms

Evoc offers a wide range of network appliances for applications such as vCPE, SD-WAN, VPN gateways and load balancers. For network security, our network platforms are deployed in UTM appliances IPS/IDS devices, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) and Mobile Security Gateways among others.

Network Module

All products

  • ENS-2403S/4SFP/GbE/Intel i350/No Bypass ENS 4xSFP GbE Intel i350
  • NET-1821CV2N Network Application SBC with 2GbE /VGA/SATA/CF/ COM ...
  • NET-1820CVD6N Network Application SBC with 6GbE/BYPASS/VGA/SATA/CF...
  • NET-1818VD10N Network Application SBC with SFP/GbE /VGA/ SATA/CF/ ...
  • NET-2814VD2N(B) Network Application SBC with IDE/SATE/C
  • ENM-4211E ENM-4211E
  • ENM-4201S ENM-4201S
  • ENM-4421E ENM-4421E
  • ENC-8811S ENC-8811S
  • ENC-8422ES ENC-8422ES
  • ENC-8211S ENC-8211S
  • ENC-2211E ENC-2211E
  • ENC-2201S ENC-2201S
  • ENM-4801S ENM-4801S
  • ENM-4821E ENM-4821E
  • ENM-4213S ENM-4213S
  • ENM-4401S ENM-4401S
  • ENM-4202S ENM-4202S
  • ENC-4401S ENC-4401S
  • ENC-2421E ENC-2421E
  • ENC-2211S ENC-2211S