EVOC EIS-2209D, escort for epidemic prevention and control!

This spring, the words "hold the health code" have appeared frequently in the news media.

As a city with a population of more than 17 million, Shenzhen, from large-scale nucleic acid testing to front-end health code presentation, can imagine the huge amount of data behind it. However, Shenzhen once again used its actions to prove the strength of "Shenzhen Speed", and also showed the hard core strength of Shenzhen's big data and cloud computing to the people of the whole country.

As the intelligent brain of epidemic prevention and control, high-performance servers directly affect the daily epidemic prevention work, such as cloud computing power, storage, elastic expansion, and efficient ubiquity. Data analysis provides a strong foundation to support the orderly and efficient development of epidemic prevention and control.

EVOC EIS-2209D, escort for epidemic prevention and control

So if you want to process huge collection data in a short time, EVOC intelligent high-performance server will play a huge role. EIS-2209D standard 2U rackmount server has the characteristics of high-performance computing, large-capacity storage, low energy consumption, and easy management. The best choice for complicated epidemic prevention and control work.

At present, EIS-2209D has been newly launched, mainly for the Internet, distributed storage, cloud computing, big data, enterprise business and other fields. For more details, please contact us, the number is limited, first come first served!

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