EVOC M90 Industrial Edge Controller

For traditional manufacturing plants, ifthey want to achieve digital transformation, they need to build an industrial Internet of Things platform that connects equipment, collects the operation data of key equipment downwards, and transmits data upwards to upper-layer application systems.

In the industrial field, more and more applications are beginning to use new technologies such as machine vision, edge computing and artificial intelligence. These quietly emerging new technologies all require edge computing units in industrial sites to have high performance, deep learning, and resistance to harsh conditions.

As a leading company in the special computer industry, EVOC has many leading technologies and patents in the industry.For this reason, the R&D team has created a high-performance and high-quality embedded AI edge computing unit with ingenuity.

EVOC M90 edge controller, the"best" companion in the industrial field. The network transformation of a digital factory has encountered such a problem. The factory itself already has information systems such as ERP and MES. However, due to the large numberof devices in the factory, which are deployed in various areas, the devices have not been interconnected. Each device is still a data silos. Part of the construction information belongs to the company's confidential information, and it is necessary to make adequate preparations for information security. For this reason, after repeated confirmation and comparison, this factory tried the EVOC M90 edge controller solution, solved all problems smoothly.

EVOC M90 edge controller not only won the CONTROL ENGINEERING China 2021 Best Product Award, its powerful performance also has the following characteristics.

Fanless frame, U-shaped top full-coverage fin heat dissipation design, power module/AI accelerated module with independent heat dissipation system, faster heat dissipation, support-20°C—60°C operating temperature

Build a neural network model through deep learning to improve data quality, with a powerful deduction computing power of 4-8TOPS, which can greatly improve processor performance by up to 50%

Automatic detection of communication modules and storage modules, and switching of corresponding adapter circuits

In the process of industrial digital transformation, in the face of intelligent applications in the fields of device networking and remote operation and maintenance, EVOC edge controllers are important components of IoT data collection, transmission and cloud management,and have been widely used in artificial intelligence and edge computing, suchas intelligent inspection, industrial control and detection, environmental monitoring and control, behavior analysis, machine vision and automatic driving and other scenarios, and has accumulated rich technology and application experience to meet the diverse and changing needs of intelligent applicationsin different industries.