Industrial grade Panel PC, powerful and sturdy beyond imagination

With the continuous acceleration of the industrial Internet, the "fragile constitution" of ordinary panel pc can no longer meet the needs of the development of the industrial Internet, and fear of dust, humidity, temperature difference, etc. has become a common problem for all panel PCs. EVOC has launched the new W15A series industrial grade Panel PCs, which are powerful and sturdy beyond imagination, bid farewell to the "fragile disease" of the Panel PCs.

Reliable and Sturdy, not afraid of various external challenges

In terms of high durability, the EVOC W15A industrial-grade panel pc is made of aluminum alloy + high-quality sheet metal material, and is fully enclosed and fanless. Even in a variety of harsh environments, it still reflects the characteristics of "tough guy". Whether it is high temperature, severe cold, dust, electromagnetic interference, and strong vibration environment, it can be easily dealt with. The front panel supports IP65 protection level, and the durability can be regarded as ceiling level.

Industrial-grade craftsmanship, say goodbye to touch failure

In the working state, it is normal to wear gloves/wet hands to touch the screen, resulting in insensitive touch, which seriously affects work efficiency. EVOC W15A industrial-grade panel pc adopts industrial-grade yellow light process capacitive touch screen, which is waterproof, dust-proof and scratch-proof. Even if your hands are wearing gloves, or covered with oil or water, you can easily touch the screen to operate, with strong practicability.

Super domineering configuration, 7×24 hours smooth operation

Working in harsh environments requires a sturdy and durable "physique", but the W15A series is by no means the "simple-minded, well-developed" dumb guy. The product is equipped with Intel® Celeron J1900 2.0Ghz quad-core onboard, adopts Intel BayTrail chipset, supports 1 SO-DIMM slot, and supports up to 8GB. The super domineering configuration can easily meet the efficient and smooth operation throughout the year.

Multiple installation methods to create flexible and ever-changing scenes

EVOC W15A industrial-grade panel pc can be used in high-end MES, comprehensive monitoring, automation and other fields. Facing complex and diverse environments, the product supports embedded and standard VESA installations. Users can flexibly choose installation methods and easily create a variety of space scenes. All in one machine.

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