Unregulated driving. Loved ones end up in tears!


(The picture was taken at Taiping North Road, Nanjing City)

According to people familiar with the matter, "Strong Machine" was purchased by the Nanjing Traffic Police Brigade and has been in use for more than ten years. It has been exposed in this state for at least more than a year, and there was a downpour on the day of the shooting.

EVOC IPC-810 still continues to run in the environment without the protection of the cabinet shell, after being attacked by wind and snow, and infested by wind and dust.

In fact, this is only a small scene for EVOC's intelligent Industrial Computers. The EVOC Industrial Computers that protect everyone's safety on major roads are all equipped with unique skills:

Full protection M60

The M60 has a compact structure and is easy to install; the fanless design has excellent dust-proof and anti-vibration performance; the harsh environment such as dust and electromagnetic interference is completely free from fear!

M60 is widely used in various embedded fields such as autonomous driving, highway lane control, and industrial automation control.

High computing power M90

The M90 integrates an AI accelerator card to provide super computing power to meet smart travel requirements; high performance and high computing power are specially designed for artificial intelligence and edge computing.

M90 is mainly used in artificial intelligence and edge computing, such as intelligent inspection, industrial control and detection, machine vision and assisted driving scenarios.

Strong expansion IPC-630B

IPC-630B can provide ultra-high computing power and display performance; the single-board expansion slot can be used to directly expand full-height and half-length application cards, and it still has strong expansion performance in an ultra-small size.

IPC-630B main application areas: highways, self-service terminals, automated production and testing, etc.

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