EVOC P/W Panel PC Serve Multiple Application Scenarios

    As providing an important platform for human-machine interaction, panel PC can be found in various application scenarios, such as retail stores, production lines, and public services.

    With the development of science and technology, reflecting the demand for panel PC in life or industrial field is increasing steadily every year. However, as its’ application become more and more complex, higher requirements are finally put forward in the aspects of operation stability and protection capability, like anti-vibration, anti-electromagnetic interference, waterproof, and dust-proof.

    Considering the situation above, EVOC P/W series industrial panel PC is just designed accordingly, now applied in a wide range of fields with its attractive appearance and high performance, showing powerful functions in different applications, meanwhile, keeping strong stability and ease of use as always.

Applied in industrial scene as “Macho Queen”—elegant appearance, function powerfully

    Shield tunneling machine, as the crucial equipment for the construction of subway tunnels, its work efficiency directly affects the progress of project, which can be totally monitored and operated in real time through EVOC PC.

    On the high-end EMS production lines, with recording the production data and uploading to cloud server, factory managers can check the operation status of each product line through EVOC PC, since it can alarm or remind operators when the production line encounters a failure or the progress slows down.

Applied in social scene as “She-Hulk” — good looking, better security

    In customer service center of subway station, EVOC PC is applied by connecting with multiple cameras to monitor all entrances in real time, to ensure that any accident happened can be monitored timely. Also the same application could be established in commercial buildings or residence communities,etc.

At present, EVOC PC has widely been used in intelligent Fab automation, equipment automation, medical treatment, retail service, transportation system and other industries.

    One set of EVOC industrial panel PC, one-stop solution for human-machine interaction in diversified application scenarios; do not hesitate to contact us NOW to select a “stunner” that suits your request most.