Compact PCI

  • CPC-8204B
  • CPC-8204B

2U 4slots CompactPCI systemCPC-8204B

    l  2U 4-slot 19” rackmount compactPCI system

    l  1*system slot, 3*expansion slot, 32bit/33MHz

    l  Support rear I/O

    l  Built-in 2*250W CPCI redundant power

    l  Compliant AC/DC power supply

    l  3*40mmexhaust fan
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Backplane (CPC-9104B)

1 x system slot, 3 x expansion slot, 32/64bit, 33/66 MHz CompactPCI bus, support Rear I/O

1+1 250W 3U8HP CPCI redundant power supply, support AC/DC input

Support PICMG2.0, PICMG2.1, PICMG2.10, PICMG2.11 specifications

Heat dissipation

Heat dissipation with wind blowing from right to left

3×80mm axis fan, 4800rmp, maximum flow 62.23CFM, and maximum wind speed 7.8m/s

Operating temperature

Operating temperature:        -5℃55℃

Storage temperature:           -45℃ ~ +85℃

Humidity:                              5%~90% non-condensing


Mechanical specifications

Safety:       Meet basic requirements of GB4943

EMC:          Radio disturbance limit is compliant with GB9254-1998 standard 

                  Immunity to disturbance is compliant with GB/T 17618-1998 standard Class

Anti-vibration:     5-17Hz/1mm amplitude, 17-200Hz/1g acceleration

Anti-shock:          10g acceleration, 11ms duration

Power supply

2 x 3U CPCI power supply, optional DC/AC input

1+1 redundant backup, with over-voltage, over-current, short-circuit protection and current-sharing function


Dimensions (W×H×D)

2U x 447mm x 364mm (H x W x D)


Part Number

Model Number




2U 4-slot chassis/CPC-9104B backplane/2 x 3U 8HP AC 220V 250W CPCI power supply


Blank bezel

6U 4HP blank bezel

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